Video production benefits

Producing Video: Video Development In Focus

Producing video in the modern world – video development – is quite the challenge.

Producing video – good professional video that “works” – is both art and science. There are monumental benefits to video, but only if you are doing it right. To ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from your video production, keep these key points in mind.

Don’t try to fake quality when producing video

It is easy to tell whether a video is professionally produced or an amateur video production. Don’t believe it? Go spend some time on YouTube for evidence. The best start to a professional video is a strong strategy – knowing what you want the video to help you accomplish.

Then, it’s the creation. Good equipment, not only visual, but also sound, is essential. Without good equipment, you can be stuck spending countless hours on editing and revising just to get a mediocre quality, at best. There is simply no short cut when it comes to producing video you can be proud of and that helps you accomplish your goals. You just can’t fake quality either. Thus, you’ll either need to hire a skilled video professional or take the time to master production yourself. When you consider time AND resources, it might actually be more cost-effective to outsource to a professional video team or company.

Keep VIDEO DEVELOPMENT Short and Sweet

We humans do not tend to have a very long attention span, so be sure to keep your video short and sweet. The preferred professional video length is 2-3 minutes. With that being said, don’t let the short time span take away from the power of the video. Include the most important parts and leave out the boring one. For instance, if you have a 20-minute speech from a company representative, you should do some cutting and editing to keep the audience’s attention. The goal is to get your message across without losing the interest of the audience. Cutting and editing your video is also a great way to optimize your footage in a more targeted way.


Videos don’t have to be just a person talking about a product, service, or company. Many successful videos include interviews, slides, animation, and even consumer reviews. Don’t limit yourself to what your competitors are doing; be unique. It’s best to have an understanding of what the potential audience wants to get from your video, which is often  information and entertainment. When you have that understanding, it is easier to produce a video that will be successful.

Be Creative

There are dozens of ways to integrate video into your marketing plan. You can add videos to your website, use video in your ads on social media platforms, and in many other ways too. Videos can be very straight-forward, providing a lot of information, but they can also be creative to capture the audience’s attention. Different video types include drone video, background video, explainer videos, and even testimonial videos – among others. Look at the different types of video production we offer on our Capabilities page.

These points are merely an introduction to the video making process.

Today’s digital landscape gives you an endless number of creative things to incorporate into your video. Use these points as a foundation and build from here. Producing video – or video production is a very powerful weapon that is both powerful and effective, when done right. Continue educating yourself to discover opportunities to increase brand awareness using video and drive more meaningful conversions in the process.