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Content Video (CV)

TMC uses creative storytelling and carefully crafted videography to meld words and video into an appealing segment to be viewed by targeted audiences and customers on digital devices. Typical outlets include company websites, sales and company presentations and social media. Content video can be an amazing branding and marketing tool for both businesses and organizations.

Interactive Internet Media Tours (IIMT)

The IIMT is set up like a traditional media tour utilizing one or more spokespeople who perform a series of consecutive, two-way live streamed and/or live-to-drive interviews that have been booked by the TMC media pitching team. An IIMT targets content-specific outlets, websites and social media influencers delivering the message to the heart of the target audience. An IIMT can be executed anywhere in the world where there is a strong local internet connection. The IIMT messaging will continue to circulate on-line.

Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

A Satellite Media Tour (SMT) is one of the best-known tools to immediately deliver messaging to a very broad audience using TV talk shows and news programs as the main vehicle. The TMC team books a series of interviews (Earned or Pay-For-Play) over the course of several hours and uses satellite technology to deliver video and audio content live from a studio or other client selected location.

Radio Media Tour (RMT)

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is series of 10-minute live or taped radio interviews with stations around the country. TMC’s booking team can schedule interviews to be conducted in one day or over the period of several days. We employ the flexible schedule to better accommodate various media outlet schedules and to avoid overburdening the spokesperson with too many interviews in one day.

Audio News Release (ANR)

An Audio News Release (ANR) is a 60-second scripted and voiced radio story that contains one or more spokesperson sound bites. It can be used for news, announcements, or even to launch new products or services. TMC records and produces the ANR and then places the recorded audio content on targeted radio outlets.

Digital News Release/Internet Video Release (DNR/IVR) and Microsite

A Digital News Release (DNR) or Internet Video Release (IVR) is a 3-5-minute edited video followed by a series of sound bites. TMC’s media team distributes the edited video package to specific media outlets, feeds, paid and free internet sites and social media engines. TMC’s web team also creates a forward-facing company branded microsite that houses downloadable links to project content, video, pictures and information.

Video Production (VP)

TMC producers, photographers and editors work with a client to script, shoot and edit a video package. No matter the type of video you are needing – for business, personal, or organizational – we will produce the best video product for your needs and budget. Think professional video is beyond your scope? Contact us and find out how affordable pro-produced video can be. Better yet, how you can NOT afford to ignore the difference!

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

TV and radio stations are legally required to run Public Service Announcements (PSA) as part of their licensing agreement. However, stations are bombarded with PSA submissions and will typically select to air those that are well produced. TMC will client to write a concise PSA script then shoot, edit and distribute the completed video to media outlets across the country.

Real Time Reporting (RTR)

We are big on added value and so we’ve developed a Realtime Reporting – a proprietary service that only TMC offers. As soon as a project begins TMC provides clients protected access to a site called TMC RealTime Reporting. RTR contains pertinent metrics including booking reports, outlet information, audience numbers and ad values. RTR also lists live downloadable links to available airchecks and preview clips. The information is updated in real-time and populates as it is entered. Clients can access RTR anywhere and anytime. RTR provides the most up-to-date information possible at no additional charge.

Media Interview Training (MIT)

Our experienced trainers who have been on both sides of the microphone help clients prepare for individual interviews or media tours. This level of training and preparation arms you with the specific tools and techniques that allow you to control a media opportunity, accurately and effectively delivering your message or messages.